The EU cannot destroy the fundamental human rights

By One of Us

The President of the European Parliament Mrs. Roberta Metsola has spoken on abortion in the context of a political interview on a French radio (on Tuesday May 3, 2022, on RTL Radio at 7.45 a.m.) (1).
These words shocked citizens of all European countries, especially those who are mobilizing to protect the youngest human beings under the umbrella of the European Citizens’ Initiative ONE OF US. With more than 1.7 million signatures, ONE OF US is the most important European Citizens’ Initiative, the greatest success of this tool of participatory democracy established by an EU treaty.
As May 7, 2022 was approaching, the date of the major convention ONE OF US that has been organized in Brussels under the theme “For our future: a Europe faithful to human dignity”. This event is the culmination of ONE OF US’ recent involvement in the Conference for the Future of Europe, the political conclusions of which will be presented on May 9. The voice of ONE OF US can no longer be ignored as participatory democracy has become a priority in the construction of the EU.

Jaime Mayor Oreja, president of the ONE OF US federation announces to the leaders of the EU institutions: “millions of citizens of all European countries will mobilize because we do not resign ourselves to the profound injustice of making abortion a right , and even less that it being part of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of Europe. »»
Jeanne, Spokesrsperson of ONE OF US, backsup Jaime’s words: “the new generation of EU citizens will not allow a pro-abortion agenda that kills, hurts and tries to stifle conscience to be imposed. The promise of a humane Europe? We agree on it but we want a truly humane Europe, not a list of individual rights that transpires the falsely liberating but really destructive ideology. Next Saturday, on May 7 in Brussels, our generation will speak during the convention “For our future: a Europe faithful to human dignity”. This event will be an opportunity to send a message of support and thanks to Poland, a leading country in protecting vulnerable human life in Europe. »
Marina Cassini, President of the Prolife Movement in Italy (member of the ONE OF US Federation adds : « Young people are thirsty for political commitment to protect women and unborn children from the tragedy of abortion. The most fundamental right is at stake: the right to be born; the serenity of women is also at stake. Abortion is a defeat for women, not a right. Women must fight for the recognition of their rights without trampling on the rights of their youngest children, those who live and grow up in their mother’s womb. To recognize the right to life from conception is to affirm even more the principle of equality, the cornerstone of modernity. Siding with unborn children and their mothers to accompany women in the event of a difficult or unexpected pregnancy is not a matter of religion or the sole opinion of individuals: it is the realization of a fundamental principle of civilization and progress towards equality, justice, peace and democracy. We are deep into secularism. The EU that considers abortion a right is a Europe that destroys human rights.»

Tonio Borg (Malta), Executif member of ONE OF US  Federation and aformer EU health commissioner, states the legal plan: “ONE OF US affirms that women’s rights are important in the democratic system. No discrimination based on sex should be allowed. However, there is no international legal instrument that recognizes a fundamental right to abortion. Indeed, neither the European Court of Human Rights nor the European Court of Justice has ever recognized such a right. Therefore, when referring to women’s rights, one cannot include a right that is not universally recognized as a fundamental right of women, for the simple reason that the rights of the unborn child are equally important. This is why ONE OF US is mobilizing millions of Europeans to show that we are not ready to accept the profound injustice of considering abortion as a pan-European human right, in violation of the principles of subsidiarity, and even less so that it can be included under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. »

(1) sources
In response to Alba Ventura’s question: “Ukrainian women are speaking up against the Polish anti-abortion law, what can you do for them?” Ms. Metsola said: “Women’s rights must be protected in Poland there are rights that are no longer protected, and Parliament has said that is unacceptable. »
Another question relates to the news in the United States during the review of the historic judgment of the Supreme Court on abortion. On this subject Mrs Metsola specifies: “it will also be a subject within the women’s commission; it is a subject of discussion in the United States but in Europe it is without discussion».

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